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Gun Concealment Shelves

Gun Concealment Shelves
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Hidden Gun Safe Shelves

Effective preparation for a home invasion, burglary or any hostile situation means immediate, private access to a weapon. It means keeping valuables hidden. It means keeping your family safe.

  • A concealment shelf (sometimes called a tactical shelf) offers a completely hidden covert compartment to keep its contents known only to you. With this discrete storage, you can quickly defend your home or keep important possessions hidden in plain sight.
  • Fast access to your firearm
  • Our shelves offer an additional layer of private access: RFID. Unlike magnet-based systems which can be easily opened, only your specific access card or bracelet will release the locking mechanism.
  • Exceptional hardwood stocks and remarkably precise craftsmanship offer a beautiful, classic look-and never give away your secret.
  • Each shelf is suitable for a handgun, vehicle keys, safe keys, cash, passports or any small private item.
  • Using several shelves on your wall creates a great look while offering a tactical advantage.
  • Key fob, card, RFID tag (coin) all included with your handgun safe

IMPORTANT: Our products offer a semi-safe, locked environment for weapons and provide reasonable security and protection. However, they do not and cannot offer the full security offered by a safe or vault and are not completely child-proof.

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