Concealment Benches and Furniture

Throughout your home—beyond the walls—there are other tactical opportunities for concealing weapons, valuables and private items. Don’t overlook a bedroom or hallway as a place for private access while maintaining complete anonymity in plain sight.

Our benches and furniture offer an attractive way to obscurely protect larger weapons, jewelry collections, hard drives, important papers and other items not suitable for smaller concealment products.

  • Benches feature RFID access because magnet-based systems can be fooled with almost any strong magnet—only your specific access card or bracelet will release the locking mechanism.
  • High quality hardwood stocks, strong hardware and precision craftsmanship offer a sharp, modern look but never attract scrutiny.
  • Incorporate with mirrors and shelves to create a highly functional and tactical design for your entire home.

IMPORTANT: Our products offer a semi-safe, locked environment for weapons and provide reasonable security and protection. However, they do not and cannot offer the full security offered by a safe or vault and are not completely child-proof.

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