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Concealment End Table and Nightstand


Inspired by an early farmhouse worktable that belonged to our designer’s grandfather, this end table honors the strength and simplicity of rustic-industrial design. This end table features one faux drawer that drops down to reveal its secret inside! Additional storage space below, statement hardware, and a hand-applied finish that highlights each intentional saw mark and groove across the wood’s naturally occurring grain.

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Price $599.00
Dimensions 28" x 18" x 24"
Interior Dimensions 15" x 9" x 2.5"

Superior Materials

Crafted from the finest Royal Mahogany solids and veneers

Featuring four layers of Royal Mahogany veneer, with no fillers. With exceptional hardness, and specific gravity, Royal Mahogany is amongst the strongest and most dimensionally stable panels available anywhere in the world. That’s what it takes to stand the test of time. That’s what it takes to be a Timber Vault.

Quality Components


Metal Mounting Bracket

Premium Finishes

Soft Opening Pistons

Thoughtful Design

Strongest concealment décor available anywhere

Our floating shelf metal mounting bracket is made for heavy duty use and can hold up to 50 pounds per stud (every 16") which means you can load your shelf with tactical gear inside and load it with décor on top.

Simple & Strong Installation

Our steel floating shelf mounting bracket takes floating very seriously—like the shelf geeks at Timber Vaults who designed it. This heavy-duty hunk of steel isn’t going to let you or your tactical gear down because it has been engineered to hold loads up to 50lbs per steel rod. That’s a small child per steel rod! Our bracket also makes mounting simple. Just make sure the mounting bracket is level and done!

Quick Concealed Mirror Installation

Simply mark and cut the drywall, insert the mirror and screw to the wall.


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