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  1. Basics of Teaching Kids How to Shoot

    Basics of Teaching Kids How to Shoot

    If you want to teach your child how to shoot, there are some basic concerns that you should address, otherwise these concerns may develop into issues. Readiness-  Before you jump into any shooting activities with your kids, it is important to know their comfort level. Are they ready or willing to handle a gun?  If they are unwilling, we recommend...
  2. Are you a "smart" gun owner?

    Are you a "smart" gun owner?

    When we say “smart” we do not mean being “digitally aware”. What we mean is “being responsible”. Simply answer these questions to figure out how responsible a gun owner you are. Have you taken a gun education and safety class? Legally speaking, you may or may not be required to take this class, but it is in the best interest...
  3. How to keep children safe from guns in homes

    Americans own millions of guns that are stored in homes with children. Statistics indicate that 3371 children lost their lives to gun violence in 2019 alone. And to think that gun sales went up by a drastic 40% in January of 2020 alone.  It doesn’t take rocket science to understand the high probability of accidents, injuries, and even death of...
  4. RFID versus magnetic locking mechanism

    Gun concealment furniture has to come with some sort of a locking mechanism, for security purposes. While bio metric safes work on a completely different level, the more common confusion is between choosing equipment with an RFID lock and something with a magnetic lock. So, what is the difference between the two? What is a magnetic lock? Many manufacturers of...
  5. Things to keep in mind when buying a gun

    Things to keep in mind when buying a gun

    A gun is hardly like a burger that you pick up at the drive thru’ and whizz away. It needs a lot of thought and planning. There are some pointers that you might want to consider when buying a gun. Legalities- No matter how much you wish to own a gun, if you aren't 18 or above, going by federal...
  6. What is gun safety?

    What is gun safety?

    Gun safety covers anything and everything that is done to keep the firearm safe and prevent any kind of unintended handling or shooting. Gun safety does not begin when a consumer buys a gun and brings it home. The responsibility of keeping a gun safe lies with both the manufacturer and the owner. It begins at the designing level of...
  7. 5 Interesting Gun Safes Worth the Money!

    5 Interesting Gun Safes Worth the Money!

    Buying a gun is by far much easier than keeping it safe. A gun is a prized possession that needs to be secured and kept out of bounds, but finding a secure hiding place at home or in the office can be challenging. That's why you need to pay attention to gun safety and gun concealment ideas. But then again...

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