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  1. Basics of Teaching Kids How to Shoot

    Basics of Teaching Kids How to Shoot

    If you want to teach your child how to shoot, there are some basic concerns that you should address, otherwise these concerns may develop into issues. Readiness-  Before you jump into any shooting activities with your kids, it is important to know their comfort level. Are they ready or willing to handle a gun?  If they are unwilling, we recommend...
  2. Common mistakes that shooters make:

    Common mistakes that shooters make:

    Do you want to improve your shot but don’t know what you are doing wrong? Here are some basic mistakes that you need to avoid making. Keeping one eye closed- Many shooters feel that they can shoot better with one eye closed. They tend to have only the dominant eye open. But the fact is that having both eyes open...
  3. Simple steps improve your shot with a shotgun

    Simple steps improve your shot with a shotgun

    So many people own guns, but not everyone is a good shot. Here are some simple pointers that you can use to improve your game. Identify your dominant eye- You need to do some ground work even before you get your hands on a gun. It's not hard at all. A simple activity can help you figure out which one...
  4. Top 4 reasons to clean your gun regularly

    Top 4 reasons to clean your gun regularly

    Taking care of a gun is quite like parenting. There is no way of knowing if you are overdoing it or not doing enough.  And with that said, let’s try to figure out why exactly is it important to clean your guns. Saves your gun-The basic issue is that with each round fired, you’ll get some kind of deposit or...
  5. Are you a "smart" gun owner?

    Are you a "smart" gun owner?

    When we say “smart” we do not mean being “digitally aware”. What we mean is “being responsible”. Simply answer these questions to figure out how responsible a gun owner you are. Have you taken a gun education and safety class? Legally speaking, you may or may not be required to take this class, but it is in the best interest...
  6. 5 Tips to Prevent Gun Theft

    5 Tips to Prevent Gun Theft

    FBI's statistics reveal that guns were stolen to the tune of 116 million dollars, in 2019 alone! Gun theft reduces gun owners to a bunch of statistics and leaves them in total misery. You could avoid going through that, with these simple gun safety tips: Keep them well concealed- Burglars loot guns to sell or use in other crimes elsewhere...
  7. Common gun storage and safety myths

    Common gun storage and safety myths

    Each gun owner first feels overwhelmed with the responsibilities of owning a gun, then gets used to it and let’s things settle down. Finally there comes a point when most gun owners begin to develop their set of beliefs, which are untrue, but very convenient to believe in. Here are some really common gun storage and gun safety myths and...
  8. How to keep children safe from guns in homes

    Americans own millions of guns that are stored in homes with children. Statistics indicate that 3371 children lost their lives to gun violence in 2019 alone. And to think that gun sales went up by a drastic 40% in January of 2020 alone.  It doesn’t take rocket science to understand the high probability of accidents, injuries, and even death of...
  9. Top 4 reasons why gun safety education is not overrated

    Not one bit overrated. In fact, it is highly underrated.  Given the potential of a gun, there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to owning a firearm, and the chances of things getting out of hand are extremely high. Gun safety education prevents just that, by sensitizing people to possible outcomes, and how best to avoid the unpleasant ones...
  10. Top 5 reasons for getting a Gun Concealment Shelf

    Top 5 reasons for getting a Gun Concealment Shelf

    The Washington Post has revealed that 2020 set the record for being the worst year in terms of accidental gun deaths in children and teens. The concern now is not whether to own a gun or not, but about whether such losses are preventable or not. Evidently, they are. It is up to you to keep your gun safe and...

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