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  1. RFID versus magnetic locking mechanism

    Gun concealment furniture has to come with some sort of a locking mechanism, for security purposes. While bio metric safes work on a completely different level, the more common confusion is between choosing equipment with an RFID lock and something with a magnetic lock. So, what is the difference between the two? What is a magnetic lock? Many manufacturers of...
  2. Top 4 reasons why gun safety education is not overrated

    Not one bit overrated. In fact, it is highly underrated.  Given the potential of a gun, there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to owning a firearm, and the chances of things getting out of hand are extremely high. Gun safety education prevents just that, by sensitizing people to possible outcomes, and how best to avoid the unpleasant ones...
  3. What is gun maintenance?

    Gun maintenance is caring for your firearm to keep it in a good condition and ready for use whenever needed. It includes careful cleaning, proper handling and safe gun storage. Maintenance is an important part of gun safety. A neglected firearm can malfunction when used and the consequences can be life threatening.  What makes guns go bad? Guns are precious...
  4. Top 5 reasons for getting a Gun Concealment Shelf

    Top 5 reasons for getting a Gun Concealment Shelf

    The Washington Post has revealed that 2020 set the record for being the worst year in terms of accidental gun deaths in children and teens. The concern now is not whether to own a gun or not, but about whether such losses are preventable or not. Evidently, they are. It is up to you to keep your gun safe and...
  5. Things to keep in mind when buying a gun

    Things to keep in mind when buying a gun

    A gun is hardly like a burger that you pick up at the drive thru’ and whizz away. It needs a lot of thought and planning. There are some pointers that you might want to consider when buying a gun. Legalities- No matter how much you wish to own a gun, if you aren't 18 or above, going by federal...
  6. Storing a gun in a rented apartment

    Storing a gun in a rented apartment

    If you are renting an apartment, and want to own a gun, things may get a little complex, but are manageable. You will need to know the property policy and also speak to the landlord. Some people feel that you can leave the landlord out of the picture. But we suggest keeping things straightforward, so that when you do move...
  7. What is gun safety?

    What is gun safety?

    Gun safety covers anything and everything that is done to keep the firearm safe and prevent any kind of unintended handling or shooting. Gun safety does not begin when a consumer buys a gun and brings it home. The responsibility of keeping a gun safe lies with both the manufacturer and the owner. It begins at the designing level of...
  8. Timber Vaults Ace Medium Gun Shelf Overview

    Timber Vaults Ace Medium Gun Shelf Overview

    Owning a gun is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot more to do than just buying it. Safekeeping is a major concern as long as you own the gun, which is why investing in gun concealment furniture is so important. The Ace Medium Concealment Shelf is a great option to consider. It's elegant and built to...
  9. 5 Interesting Gun Safes Worth the Money!

    5 Interesting Gun Safes Worth the Money!

    Buying a gun is by far much easier than keeping it safe. A gun is a prized possession that needs to be secured and kept out of bounds, but finding a secure hiding place at home or in the office can be challenging. That's why you need to pay attention to gun safety and gun concealment ideas. But then again...
  10. USA Flag Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

    USA Flag Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

    A gun is something you own and don't exactly flaunt. Instead, you look for ways to store the gun in a safe yet convenient place. We found one such hidden gun storage idea- a USA flag hidden gun storage coffee table.  There is one listed on Etsy, and it has some rave reviews. This wooden table is handmade to perfection...

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