Gifting is harder than it sounds, and a good gift is even harder to find. Well, with Christmas around the corner, here’s our list of gifts that gun lovers will certainly love.

  1. Gun storage- Many gun owners tend to ignore gun safety especially when it comes to gun storage. Having safe, concealed gun storage goes a long way in reducing theft and accidents. So if you are a well-wisher, you could always gift them a gun storage accessory. You could choose from gun safes,  concealed gun storage shelves, concealed gun storage mirrors and gun storage furniture. There are lots of gun safe and gun storage furniture ideas to suit  a range of budgets. 
  2. Gun cleaning supplies- Each gun enthusiast knows how important gun maintenance is, for overall gun safety. So, they'll either have their guns professionally cleaned or do it themselves. If they are the DIY type, you could get them a gun cleaning mat and kit. Magnetic cleaning mats are especially useful since they keep all the parts secure, while keeping your table safe from chemicals. Cleaning kits are also a useful gift since they will be put to use.  
  3. Gun themed bar supplies- There are many products you can choose from in this category. Rifle shaped whiskey decanters, gun themed bar ware cocktail sets, bullet shot glasses (with a real bullet lodged in each hand-blown glass), shot glasses set, bullet coasters and so on. The list is endless, depending on your resources. 
  4. Personalized gun themed gifts- Imagine gifting a gun enthusiast a shotgun shell shaped flask with his name on it, a personalized ammo box (that can double up as a mini bar accessory on the go) or even a pen made from a bullet. They’d be thrilled and grateful at your being so thoughtful. 
  5. Gun themed decor- Our favorites are the bullet themed clock and the wooden revolver wall piece that lets you put beer bottle caps on display. A business card holder made from bullets also hits the mark. 
  6. Gift cards- If you are uncertain about what the gun enthusiast on your list may want, it is a great idea to give them a gift card of the shooting range they usually visit or plan to visit. These cards can be redeemed for merchandise, supplies, training sessions and even to pay for membership. The best part is that they get what they want and you stay within your budget. 

Remember to order quickly, to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment.  Some pieces are custom made and may need up to 4 weeks for manufacture and shipping. We at TimberVaults have a ready range of concealed gun storage shelves and concealed gun storage mirrors, with free shipping. 

Happy Shopping!