Do you want to improve your shot but don’t know what you are doing wrong? Here are some basic mistakes that you need to avoid making.

  1. Keeping one eye closed- Many shooters feel that they can shoot better with one eye closed. They tend to have only the dominant eye open. But the fact is that having both eyes open gives a much better idea of a moving target. So if you have both eyes open you will be better able to judge the speed of the target and the distance it is at. Never look down the barrel, because that will mean closing one eye, and that just doesn't work. Try it to know the difference. 

2. Have a clear vision- That means making sure your glasses are clean and free from any smudges. Also, watch how low you pull down your hat. If you have it too low, it will reduce your field of vision and will interfere with your accuracy.  

3. Get a good grip- If you go strictly by the book, you ought to follow the 60/40 grip pressure rule. This rule recommends using your dominant hand to exert 60% pressure in the grip and the rest 40% of the job should be done by the weak hand. The trouble here is that there really isn't any way to measure the pressure percentages accurately. It is something you need to figure out on your own. We suggest that you grip the gun as hard as you can and then gradually release the pressure until the grip is comfortable yet firm and your hand has stopped shaking (because of applying too much pressure). A good grip will keep your aim steady and also help with recoil management. Both these aspects are important in terms of gun safety and also in making you a better shooter. 

Another mistake gun owners often make is to underestimate the importance of gun safety. Very simply speaking, if you do not observe gun safety rules, you could end up hurting yourself, someone else, or even lose your gun to misuse or burglars. Consider getting safe gun storage accessories like gun concealment shelves and gun concealment mirrors. Read more on safe gun storage and why gun safety is not overrated.