So many people own guns, but not everyone is a good shot. Here are some simple pointers that you can use to improve your game.

  1. Identify your dominant eye- You need to do some ground work even before you get your hands on a gun. It's not hard at all. A simple activity can help you figure out which one is your dominant eye. All it involves is using your thumb and eyes to know which one is your dominant eye- the left or the right one. And that will decide the kind of gun you need to buy- a left handed or a right handed gun. You can find many videos on YouTube that explain the activity well. Identifying the dominant eye will give you an added advantage from the very beginning, and will ensure that you buy the gun that suits you the best.
  2. Get your stance right- This is basically about finding the right way of standing while holding the gun and shooting. The correct stance is standing with your legs apart (shoulder-width distance) and letting your body be comfortable-neither too stiff, nor too loose. It needs to be a staggered stance, though not an overly sideways position. Your dominant leg will not be in the forward position. Instead, the non-dominant leg will be in front, with 60% of your body weight on it. For left-handed shooters, the dominant leg will be the left leg and vice versa for the right-handed folks. Also, the right way to hold the gun is to have the padding of the shotgun touch your cheek.
  3. Track your target- Of course you need to track your target to get the right shot. Even when you have got the shot, continue tracking the target or any fragments as it/they fall down. Maintain your stance and the position of the gun and simply lower the gun in sync with the falling target. This will help you with target tracking and collection especially when you are out in the wild.

These are a few pointers to ensure that you become a good shot. But there are a few more pointers to ensure that you are able to enjoy your gun. As always, gun safety and safe gun storage is of paramount importance here. You need to avoid accidents and gun theft. You could check out our range of gun concealment shelves and gun concealment mirrors to make the right decision and maintain peace of mind. In the meantime, we wish you good gun times.