Taking care of a gun is quite like parenting. There is no way of knowing if you are overdoing it or not doing enough.  And with that said, let’s try to figure out why exactly is it important to clean your guns.

  1. Saves your gun-The basic issue is that with each round fired, you’ll get some kind of deposit or another- carbon, copper, lead, or plastic. With time, it’ll all build up into dense gunk. The metallic parts of your gun will begin getting corroded. Continued neglect will ruin your gun, and can even make it unusable. The only thing left to do will be to clean it! So, why not do it before you get to the desperation stage?
  2. Saves you money-  Taking your gun to a gunsmith for cleaning costs money. Cleaning it yourself costs you time and effort, but not getting anything done will cost you even more dearly. Guns left unclean for long will revolt and give trouble. They will increase your worries and decrease your savings. You might have to get some parts replaced, besides getting it professionally cleaned. Well-maintained guns last long and save you from having to invest in a new weapon.
  3. Reduces risk of malfunction-  Guns that are cleaned work well. Unmaintained firearms run the risk of serious malfunctioning and equally serious consequences. You could even hurt yourself fatally. Cleaning it is a part of gun safety.
  4. Saves your life- A well-maintained gun is also highly reliable. If you haven't been checking on your gun regularly, and have let it sit undisturbed in the hidden gun shelf, or in a gun safe, chances are that when you reach out for it during an emergency, the weapon will quite literally bail out on you. Your means of defense will be reduced to nothing, leaving you and your family vulnerable in your time of need. 

As many people, those many opinions. No single universally agreed upon rule. Yet, one thing is extremely clear- you do not stand to lose anything if you clean your guns regularly. If not, a lot is regrettably at stake, including the safety of your gun and your life itself.