FBI's statistics reveal that guns were stolen to the tune of 116 million dollars, in 2019 alone! Gun theft reduces gun owners to a bunch of statistics and leaves them in total misery. You could avoid going through that, with these simple gun safety tips:

  1. Keep them well concealed- Burglars loot guns to sell or use in other crimes elsewhere. Nothing can be worse than leaving the guns out for them to discover conveniently. Guns need to be stored safely, in gun concealing furniture, like hidden gun shelves, mirrors, couches or gun safes. While traveling, use lockable gun boxes, not just because of security reasons but also because gun safety rules require you to do so. 
  2. Don't make the gun storage conspicuous- If your guns are in a gun safe, for heaven's sake, don't place the safe in a spot that is clearly visible to anyone who visits your home including the pizza delivery guy! Put it away in a discreet, unused corner of the house. Visibility is a key concern. That is one reason why gun boxes should be kept in the vehicle's trunk. 
  3. Remove logos- Quality gun concealment furniture ideally will not have any company logos that may give away your secret gun storage. Also, as tempting as it may be, putting on logos of your gun company on your car's windshield is a complete no-no. You are essentially begging burglars to break into your car, especially when you are around a shooting range. 
  4. Store keys safely- Hidden gun storage furniture and boxes come with a keyed, magnetic, biometric, or RFID locking mechanism. There's something or the other to keep safe, like keys, RFID objects (key fob or card), or even the pass code of a gun safe. Make sure that all sorts of keys and lock opening accessories are safely hidden and not floating around the house carelessly. Similarly, if you must carry a gun in the trunk of your vehicle, please do not leave the vehicle unlocked! Also do not leave any empty ammo boxes strewn in the passenger space. This mess is visible through the windows and is a tip off for burglars. 

While having your firearms insured doesn't quite prevent gun theft, at least you are covered if and when it happens. Additionally, jot down important information about your gun, like the make, serial number, and maybe even take a few pictures of it so that in case your stolen gun is recovered, the police can hand it over to you based on the information you give them.