Each gun owner first feels overwhelmed with the responsibilities of owning a gun, then gets used to it and let’s things settle down. Finally there comes a point when most gun owners begin to develop their set of beliefs, which are untrue, but very convenient to believe in. Here are some really common gun storage and gun safety myths and the truth about them. 

Gun safes are the safest 

Nope, not if they are carelessly placed where just about anyone gets to see it. The more people who spot it, the higher are the chances of gun theft. The burglars now know precisely where the loot is! And yes, you gave it away yourself. 

Gun safes aren’t safe themselves if they are not bolted or secured to the floor. Motivated burglars will run off with your guns and your gun safe and then pry it open at their leisure. The insurance claim will be the least of your concerns. The greater concern will be the damage that the burglars will do to the flooring, walls, doorways, and even stairs, on their way out with a heavy gun safe.

Our tip: Opt for hidden gun storage shelves instead. Get multiple shelves. Use decoys as well. Hidden gun storage shelves are less conspicuous than a gun safe.) 

No one would really be interested in burgling my house

We wouldn’t really count on it. What you consider a ‘regular’ home may not be so in the eyes of burglars, especially if you own guns that they can first steal and then sell. With unemployment issues and frustration and addictions steadily building up, it isn’t difficult to come across people who’d steal for some extra bucks, and that puts your home as much at risk as any other. 

We just need to beef up security at night 

Ah! If only it were that simple. Statistics show that burglars are the most active between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Yes, you read that right. It is all during the day time, and quite logical too. Everyone’s busy during these hours. Many homes are completely empty, with everyone away to work or study. This is certainly the most convenient time to run off with the guns, rather than wait for night, when everyone is back home. 

I can safely leave a loaded gun in the hidden gun storage

Heck no! There is nothing like having ‘absolute’ safety with guns in the house. You may think that the loaded weapon is safe in your safe or hidden gun storage shelf, but hey did you forget about the kids? The same creatures who almost always know much more than you suspect. Do not EVER leave a loaded gun anywhere around the house- you are only inviting serious trouble. Always unload it, put the ammo in a different spot and then store your gun. 

Owning a gun is only part of the entire experience. There is a lot more that you need to do and some that you shouldn’t do. Read on for more tips and information. We’ve got your back!