Not one bit overrated. In fact, it is highly underrated.  Given the potential of a gun, there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to owning a firearm, and the chances of things getting out of hand are extremely high. Gun safety education prevents just that, by sensitizing people to possible outcomes, and how best to avoid the unpleasant ones. Gun safety isn’t something you can/should overlook, and here are 4 reasons that tell you just why.

  1. Legal requirement- If your state laws require you to attend a gun safety class, you certainly will not just do that, but will also pay for it. Certain states, including California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Hawaii have made gun training classes mandatory. The details vary, with some states limiting training to handgun owners, and others requiring training even for registration of arms that you have brought into the state. It is the minimum safety competence, and there is absolutely no way around it. 

2. Buying the right firearm- A casual glance at a range of guns will not give you any idea of which gun is intended for what use. You need to work harder than just look, to get an understanding of the working of each gun type. And why is that important? So that you don’t buy the wrong sort of gun for yourself and then regret it when you actually do need to use it. A gun safety education class will arm you with knowledge of which gun to buy and also how to use it in the right way, keeping all the gun safety measures in mind. 

3. Gun maintenance- A formal class on gun safety will help you fully understand and appreciate the importance of knowing your weapon. Knowing the parts of your gun, and their functionality will give you the confidence to handle your weapon during regular maintenance checks. In turn, your firearm will continue to work smoothly and not let you down when you actually do need to use it.

4. Gun storage- The training also seeks to sensitize potential gun owners to the consequences of not storing a gun securely at home. Not taking the time or making efforts to secure a gun can cause accidental deaths that can lead to lifelong grief and worrisome statistics. It is crucial to prioritize gun safety and store the firearms in gun safes, gun concealing shelves, or in other gun concealment furniture. 

After all, nothing is more precious than life, not even the most expensive gun!