The Washington Post has revealed that 2020 set the record for being the worst year in terms of accidental gun deaths in children and teens. The concern now is not whether to own a gun or not, but about whether such losses are preventable or not. Evidently, they are. It is up to you to keep your gun safe and ensure the safety of your family. This is where gun concealment shelves need to be considered. 

  1. SAFETY- These shelves are specifically designed with a hidden gun compartment for effective gun concealment.  They are not as blatantly conspicuous as flag gun boxes. While they look like regular shelves; it is only for you to know what lies hidden underneath the pretty flower vase and a bunch of vacation souvenirs.

The locking mechanism of the concealed gun shelves adds to the safety quotient. These shelves come with the RFID locking system that uses a RFID coin, card, or key fob to unlock the shelf.  The access to the guns remains in your hands and gun safety is not compromised. 

2. RELIABILITY- Gun concealment shelves are a great way of keeping your guns safe because of their reliability. They offer quick access in times of need, without having to struggle with malfunctioning gun safes and issues with password acceptance, as is the case with most gun safes. The emergency power backup ensures that your gun is not locked out of reach in case the batteries die. 

3. HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION- These gun concealment shelves come ready to install and can be fixed in less than 10 minutes. It might however take you longer to figure out where you want to install them! 

4. VERSATILITY- Gun concealment shelves can go up in any room without compromising the style of the space. A hidden gun coffee table for instance, will have to be part of the generally used areas at home. Gun concealment shelves utilize wall space and do not add to the clutter in any part of the house. Also, these shelves keep your guns off the floor and out of areas of common use, and especially out of reach of kids. They offer effective gun safety whether you have toddlers, teens, or guests at home.

 5. BUDGET FRIENDLY- Gun concealment shelves are effective yet budget friendly, solving your financial issues too. They are not priced too high, nor do you need to shell out extravagant amounts of money for repairs, as in the case of malfunctioning gun safes. 

 For the rest of the world, you bought a regular display shelf but in your heart of hearts you know that you bought peace of mind!