If you are renting an apartment, and want to own a gun, things may get a little complex, but are manageable. You will need to know the property policy and also speak to the landlord. Some people feel that you can leave the landlord out of the picture. But we suggest keeping things straightforward, so that when you do move out of the apartment, you are not held accountable for holes in the walls. 

Most landlords will not have any issues with gun storage on their premises, but some may have serious reservations about you getting a gun safe installed in the apartment. The reason is rather simple. A gun safe needs to be bolted to the walls and the floor. Though you may move out, you will certainly leave behind not-so-pleasant memories of yourself, in  the form of holes drilled into the floor and the walls. That isn’t exactly what thrills a landlord. So, speak to them before you get going with gun storage.

Apartments are not nearly as spacious as houses and so you do not have access to regular storage areas like the basement. The gun will need to be stored in the limited living space that you have. That makes gun safety even more challenging.

Here are a few pointers that can help:

  1. Ditch the old-fashioned gun storage ideas- Gun safes are considered old fashioned, even if they now come with super smart features. Though they are very anchored, they don't make a great choice. The biggest problem with these safes is that they are way too visible, unless very cleverly hidden behind a panel. The other extreme of the problem is that hiding them too well can cause accessibility issues. 
  2. Go for covert furniture- Your precious possessions are right there for burglars to make off with. They don't even need to look around for the guns! Instead, we'd suggest you to go in for hidden gun compartments in gun concealing furniture. There are a lot of options in this segment, with a variety of coffee tables and couches. 
  3. Use the wall space- Your guns can easily go up on the wall, but in a concealed way. Flag boxes are a good idea, though they are easily identifiable gun storage units. Hidden gun compartments in mirrors is a better idea, though it is the gun concealment shelves that we favor the most. These don't need any piercing through the floor,and can be installed in any room without raising suspicion. They also do not use up precious floor space.

Owning a gun is a challenge and can be both a source of pride and anxiety. The anxiety is rather easy to come by, especially when it comes to gun theft or accidents caused due to carelessness of the owner. If you haven't already, get your act together and secure your gun. Safe gun storage is a lot more important than you think.