Owning a gun is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot more to do than just buying it. Safekeeping is a major concern as long as you own the gun, which is why investing in gun concealment furniture is so important.

The Ace Medium Concealment Shelf is a great option to consider. It's elegant and built to go with all sorts of home decors, making sure that it doesn’t stand out too much. It can easily blend in with the other shelves, and raise no suspicion at all. You can easily install it in any room you want. 

The simple yet elegant design focuses on utility rather than show. The edges are well-finished, with clear detailing. Inside the medium sized shelf, the gun compartment is fitted with foam, to hold the guns in place. Nothing rolls over when you open or shut the compartment. There are no guns falling out accidentally, adding to safety. 

Additionally, it comes with a RFID lock. You get a RFID card, a coin and also a key fob. The guns cannot be accessed without these RFID items. You will need to use one of these RFID objects to open up the concealed compartment under the shelf. 

The RFID lock keeps the guns secure yet accessible by you. Also in case the battery dies out, the inbuilt emergency power backup will make sure that you don't find yourself in a messy situation. So, it's a regular shelf for everyone to see, but to you it's your go to spot in times of need. 

Put together, the style, easy installation, high security, and affordability, make this medium sized gun concealment shelf a feature-rich buy. Remember, safekeeping is what makes the difference between the gun being an asset and being a liability. So, make sure you make the right decision!