A gun is something you own and don't exactly flaunt. Instead, you look for ways to store the gun in a safe yet convenient place. We found one such hidden gun storage idea- a USA flag hidden gun storage coffee table. 

There is one listed on Etsy, and it has some rave reviews. This wooden table is handmade to perfection. The craftsmanship can be seen in the way it has been sturdily built. The flag design on top and the great staining work makes it a cool rustic addition to your home. 

But decor isn't what we are really talking about. Our interest lies more in the hidden gun storage fitted under the table. It's a slide out drawer with full extension, which ensures maximum space optimization. The hidden gun compartment is 40" long, 18.5" wide, and 5" deep, big enough for a full-sized gun. 

The table comes equipped with other safety features like foam lining in the hidden gun storage compartment, a locking system and matching coasters. Yes, the coasters are indeed a safety feature. They are the key to the locked hidden gun compartment! When you place the coasters on the specified spot, the compartment gets unlocked and slides out. 

The coffee table is convenient and right under your nose. The only thing that might be an issue is the price. Priced at $495, many folks might find it a tad bit over their budget. In that case, you could consider the gun safety shelves from TimberVaults. Available in a range of colors, textures, and sizes, these gun concealment shelves could well solve your problem and still not hurt your pocket. 

The concept of the shelves is the same- foam lined, hidden gun compartment, to help you hide your gun safely. The good part is that it is not a piece of furniture that can be carted off altogether. It is a wall mounted shelf and comes with three RFID tags. These are objects (a RFID key card, a RFID Coin and a RFID Key Fob) that are essentially the password to your secret compartment. A quick comparison shows that  gun concealment shelves are more discreet hiding spots for guns, space saving and also more budget-friendly.