With a gun comes great responsibility. Since it's for your defense and safety, you need to make sure that the gun does not become a cause for concern. And that is why it’s your job to keep the gun and your family safe. So, what's the best place to store the gun

Under the flooring- The gun storage is placed exactly under a plank of the flooring. The plank is removable and gives you access to the gun. In a household of kids however, you cannot take anything for granted. Also, accessibility is not the greatest, in times of need.

In the couch- There is a lot of space inside a couch to store guns. The fabric can be removed to access the gun compartment. This however, is not a safe place to store your guns. For those who have one or maybe two guns, there are many more cheaper ideas. (A gun storage couch is an expensive purchase!) 

In flag boxes or picture frames- Flag boxes are a common gun storage solution for smaller guns. They have the American flag painted on them, adding a countryside and a patriotic touch to your home, but the problem is that they are way too common! That’s a place that burglars will not miss checking. Decoy picture frames are better in a way. It makes sense to have many picture boxes around the home, to confuse burglars. These have a picture on the front, and a box behind the picture to store the gun

In a gun safe- As safe as your gun is, in a gun safe, it might unfortunately be way too safe! It will certainly be out of reach of children and visitors to the house, but might fail you when you need it the most. Technology has a knack of failing at the spur of the moment and a jammed safe is no good. Also, a gun safe looks rather conspicuous.

An unsuspecting shelf- This is an awesome gun concealment plan. A floating wall shelf blends in perfectly with the decor, without standing out. It draws attention for the right reasons- because of the elegance it adds to the room. It scores well on the accessibility front too, without compromising the safety of the gun or the family. TimberVaults has a great collection of gun concealment shelves for all sorts of home decor.

Eventually, your choice depends on personal taste, the size of the gun and the depth of your pockets. Consider all these factors before getting your gun a home in your house. Good luck!