Protect your loved ones safely with concealed shelving – here are the top picks.

Sales of most types of guns were up more than 75 percent in January 2021 (more than 400 percent more than January 2020). Many of these sales were for smaller weapons. Primary reason: protecting loved ones at home. One of the top concerns many homeowners have is how to safely secure these new weapons, especially if there are small children in the home. Safely securing your weapon also makes it less likely the guns will end up in the hands of burglars in the unlikely event of a robbery. 

Whatever the reason, new (and old) gun owners are seeking solutions to safely secure small weapons in a way that keeps them accessible, but out-of-sight. We took a look at three of the top brands to provide you with the pros and cons, helping you choose the right one for your home. 

Before you buy, you need to consider the following “must haves”:

  • Convenience – you need to be able to access your weapons at a moment’s notice. 
  • Secrecy – one of the best aspects of possessing a firearm is providing you a strategic advantage if you’re faced with an intruder. No posting on social media or blabbing to a friend about your hidden storage. 
  • Electronic access – RFID technology to access your weapons could mean the difference between life and death. Faced with an emergency situations, it’s difficult to remember pins or passwords. 

Today we’re going to look at concealment floating shelves, though there is a wide range of options that include books, clocks and more. We’ll check those out in the future.

One of the best units available is from Timber Vaults because they come with a welded steel mounting frame – making mounting much sturdier than their competitors at the best price. 

Aside from mounting, they work well and easily conceal firearms. The RFID cards fit in your wallet or can be taped to an item nearby to unlock the shelf inconspicuously. These shelves come in three sizes so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you! Here are some specifications:

  • Will fit two handguns easily with magazines
  • Foam inserts included
  • RFID locking system with 2 RFID key cards
  • Audible RFID low battery warning
  • Battery life is over a year
  • Comes in espresso or caramel finishes
  • Comes in two colors and 3 sizes
  • Foam inserts are great to cut out for your specific items and firearms
  • Less expensive than other brands on the market

Another model that is getting decent reviews is from Tactical Traps. Here are some of their specifications:

  • Some models come with both RFID cards and Bluetooth technology, allowing you to open your shelf with your phone
  • The shelves come in multiple sizes and finishes, and can be custom made depending on your specific needs
  • Depending on the unit, can hold two handguns and accessories
  • Foam inserts included
  • Con- Very high price compared to other models

One more model to consider is from Tactical Walls – no relations to Tactical Trap. 

The 1242 Top Locking Shelf is the most popular of surface mounted concealment solutions

  • Customizable foam-lined secret compartment is 12” D x 42” W
  • Installation is simple – similar to hanging any floating shelf
  • Weight limit is 20 pounds
  • Disengage hidden locks with magnetic keys
  • Optional: LED lights using a motion sensor
  • Comes with two shelf brackets for support
  • Con- highest priced unit in the category

Obviously we are biased here at and we believe we have a superior product at a lower price point but we encourage you to do your homework! If you do decide to purchase from TimberVaults you can expect FREE expedited shipping from a family business trusted by over 20,000 customers. There you have it. Three options to consider if you’re seeking a safe, secure way to hide your weapons at home.