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The Timber Vault Difference.

There is no better concealment option than the Timber Vault. Don't fall for the tactical traps that come when searching for firearm concealment. If you are trying to find the best concealment option that the market has to offer, you've found it. When you get a Timber Vault, walls become tactical, and you are never trapped.

Timber Vaults are the highest quality concealment shelves in the business without the high cost. If you want a hidden gun shelf that builds confidence because you can trust its construction and still have it look like it belongs in your home, our concealment shelves are what you are looking for. Create your very own tactical wall at an affordable price with an easy install.

What Is Concealment Shelving?

In an emergency situation, you will want to know where your secret hiding spots are. Tactical wall shelves like the Timber Vaults can give you security while perfectly fitting within your living space as a centerpiece while hiding your firearms. That's the beauty in our concealment shelves. All guests and visitors will see is a beautiful shelf in your home. Don't be trapped in your home without a tactical wall shelf.

Why a Timber Vault Hidden Gun Shelf?

Cost & Value. There is no need to pay a lot of money when buying a tactical shelving system. Our affordable hidden gun shelves will last for many years because of construction. You don't want to have any flaws in your tactical walls. They are extremely sturdy, never rust or rot, and are built to last. But they are also incredibly affordable, which can save you a lot of money compared to an ordinary gun shelf. We have proprietary manufacturing that cannot be duplicated and can only be found with us. You will truly get a product that is unique and can't be beaten.

These are manufactured in the USA. They are lined with a noise-free material, so there is no "bong" or "thud" that will alert you to your presence. While many concealment shelves, mirrors, and furniture offer magnet-based access, we believe RFID mechanisms provide a superior solution. RFID provides fast access like a simple magnet but with much more security. We use this technology because the RFID card is the only way to access the hidden contents—without destroying the unit.


There is no better hidden gun shelf than the Timber Vault. Don't fall for a tactical trap by finding an inferior concealment shelf. We wanted to produce the best quality products available for the lowest possible price. This makes us different from the other guys, and we are proud to be.

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